Bonjour et bienvenue !

"Bonjour les internets!"

It's always a bit of a struggle to write that first post on your blog. I'm not gonna lie, this is not my first attempt. I might be a wannabe blogger since 2008, but i never got the chance to pull it through. I've always stopped myself before even getting started, maybe i wasn't ready yet.

Am i now? I don't know, will see... I'm just hoping for a little spot on the internet, some place where i can talk about all the things i want without overly bothering my close friends. Because chit-chat about hair and makeup can be a little overwhelming for the majority of them. I just needed some place where you can come meet me if you want or just ignore me if you don't give a damn about my thoughts and life.

Out of politeness, i will start introducing myself. Grab yourself a drink, that shit might be long. 
My real name is Camille, pronounce it how you can in your head, i know it's hard for non-frenchies, i will be blame-free on that point. So, i've spotted the elephant in the room. I'm french... I like red wine and strong cheese on a slice of "baguette", i'm not gonna lie. And also, my english might not be perfect. Deal with it. I'm trying hard thought, please bear with me. 

On Aarithmetics (my internet alias for so long now) you'll find a variety of things: fashion inspiration, hair crisis, beauty try-outs, products crash test, music tasting and tv show bigging. All these that makes life a little less serious and a bit more enjoyable. I'm hoping to find people with similar interest to share that with me. Also, i want to (will i get it right? idk guys) provide an insight of parisian/french life for foreigners: best places to eat well, shop on a budget, or the best places to have the night of your life (no kidding, i'll try).

If you feel like it, jump on the wagon and get on board with me on this journey! You might wanna follow me on social medias as well (linked on top of my blog): twitter, instagram and youtube. Also, i'm open to any suggestions, feel free to comment with what you would see me do next. 

I'll post on every Sunday and Wednesday (this last one because i'm a crazy fan of The Addams Family, no other reasons involved, im silly)


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