I might be late to declare my flame for this trendy length already, but here i am, don't judge. There are two main reasons for my unconditional love towards midi skirts.

As a relatively tall girl (170 cm), i've always felt like shorter skirts looked a bit "too much" for me. With so much leg showing i'm really uncomfortable, always pulling on my skirt to hide my ass. Not fun. And it's always too sexy for me, i like to be classy, not trashy. I try, at least.

I'm always a huge fan of vintage clothing, that 50's feels that gives you instantly that "put together" look i'm digging. I love them high waisted, since it's flattering shape for my body type (small waist, and a bit of buddha belly to hide). 

I love them in all colors and patterns, bodycon or more flaring. But here's a few one i'm currently loving so hard that i might order some of them very soon to complete my collection.

01 - Ribbed Open White Skirt - 34.99 EUR
02 - Grey Textured Skirt - 35.99 EUR
03 - Kaki Front Zipped Skirt - 48.99 EUR


  1. I totally get what you mean, I love midi skrts as well. I own 3 of them at the moment haha! And I looove the ones from forever21! x

    1. your collection is as "big" as mine, but i just want to switch all my over skirts for midi ones ahha :)




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