When kaki strikes back

As you may, or may not, know PANTONE is realising every now and then the "it colors" of the season. And for fall 2015 they have come up with "dried herb". They might described it as "an olive green shade" on their sleek presentation but let's be real guys, it's straight "kaki" for my eyes.

I must admit i thought (and hoped) this shade would be lost forever in the early 2000's, but since fashion is a cycle here i am worshipping this dirty green shade once again. We are all sheeps in some way, let's face it. 

Obviously you cannot dust off your ugly collection of kaki cargo/utility pants. Aguilera wasn't looking so great in it back then, you won't be looking nice now. No way. Please go burn this piece of crap in your backyard, pretty please.

That being said, there is one thing you can save from this dark past: any kind of kaki parka/jacket you may have (as long as it's not overly furry or embroidered, you're good). And for those of you who don't already have that in your stash here's a few ones that i have been loving that won't break the bank:
01 - Hooded utility jacket @ Forever 21 - 24.00 EUR
02 - Cargo Jacket @ H&M - 39.99 EUR
03 - Patched Parka @ Zara - 69.95 EUR

What about you? Did you already put your kaki parka back in your wardrobe, are you planning any shopping to complete your kaki crave or are you simply just puking this color already ? Let me know what you feel, guys!


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