Okay, okay. I'm late on my schedule... To defend myself i just found out that my SD card slot on my computer wasn't working anymore, and i had to buy a thingy to upload pictures for my wednesday post. I can't promise this kind of delay won't happen again, you know life can be full of surprises. But at least now no tech issues will be involved, just lazyness ahaha.

Apologizes aside, i'm here to show you one of the french beauty box available: BIRCHBOX. Yes, i've finally surrendered (after months of hesitations) and got a subscription to one of these boxes that comes surprise you every month with sample/mini products to try out. I though it would ease my shopping craze for beauty related items, with only 13 EUR per month (shipping included). 

For now i've always been a bit "so-so" about what i got, i like most of the stuff i got but was never over the moon about a specific item i've received. But this month, everything changed! As i open my little (and beautiful, let's say it) box i was thrilled with the content. Let me introduce you to my discoveries. (I've included only 5 out of 5 products because i did not get the chance to try out the last one)


You might not know it but there was a time when it was very difficult to find any kind of dry shampoo in french stores. But when i found out this wonder, my lazy girl heart fell in love. Dry shampoo is so convenient for these morning when you run out late and your hair is a big mess. So for years and years i kept buying the same one, the easiest one to find: batiste. I liked it, don't get me wrong. But this one is so much better! Kind of surprising at first, because it leave the hair a bit wet (but just a tiny bit, don't worry) but you won't get any white patches of powder as you might get with the batiste one. So, a big thumbs up for this dry shampoo, i'm planning on buying full size asap!


I went through a huge change in my hairstyle lately, i chopped off like 30 cm without looking back. I'm now having a kind of long bob, what pinterest call a "lob". I was just so fed up of taking care of my long hair, even if it was in quite good condition. So finding this sea salt spray was a good surprise, because i'm sure it wouldn't have been any good on long and heavy hair. I've tried the Tony&Guy one in my short hair days few years back, and it was very drying on my hair. So i've ended up throwing that bottle in the back of my bathroom storage and never thought about it again, never try any salty hair product ever. But i've tried this one, and if i might not be so convinced about the "mosturizing" effect, at least it's not drying at all! 


If you're into vanilla scented body wash, this is your new jam. I'm not myself an huge fan of this type of scent for my shower time, but i found this one kind of subtile and discreet. Can't say much more about this product, body wash is body wash. ahah.


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