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I'm a home-person, for sure. Meaning i spend most of my free time on my bed chilling with a nice cup of tea and my laptop. (Actually "chill" is my middle name, seriously) So, i'm always on the hunt to find something cool, cocooning, cute or whatsoever pieces to add in my tiny parisian appartement

moved out of my parent's house almost 5 years ago (wow, doing the math i just realized that's a long time ago now... feels...), that few years gave me the time to accumulate bits and bobs that i truly love and take me back to past moments spend in my first single room flat in the south of France, or that much beloved one i had after that somewhere in the french alps. And let me tell you that's a lot of stuff, i'm not gonna lie.

So, i was washing dishes the other day (yes, i do that, occasionally, that's sucks, complete waste of my time), and as i was gently wiping a plate i realized that even my plates are vintage found for less than an euro/piece. I looked around and actually realized my love for thrifting has taken over my whole place, for my great pleasure. 

So i thought i would introduce you to my homies, my babies, tiny treasures. My most loved objects found throughout France while thrift shopping, or even ones my mum found for me. She has killer eyes for that shit.

The main home decor trick that i have, as basic as it gets: mix and match. Your girl love her neutrals, as much in home decor than in clothing. So instead of mix and matching crazy colors(which seems a little bit too advanced of a decor skill for me), i match neutrals but i also mix old and new. Like that my home doesn't look too much of an old person flat but still pretty "romantic" and country side vibe i love.

I shopped this set of two thrifted white ceramic vases this summer when i was in vacations at my parent's place in the french alps. My mom wasn't too sure about them, but i love their shape and that long, fine handle. This is a gorgeous piece, very feminine, and it came in a duet, which i love even more. As you can see i'm your typical french girl, with always a few bottles of wine at my place (sorry but not sorry), but you might have guess my love for jagermeister, i love the design of these bottle (not as much as what's inside mouahahahaha) that i keep them to put single flowers in it sometimes. I might wanna try and DIY something with them later.

This mirror is probably one of the most beautiful vintage piece i have so far, my mum found it for me. It broke once, but as a perfectly capable woman i fixed it, with glue. High five for me, please. I hanged my most loved all black rosary on the left side, and i've also decorated it with a floral headband my mum bought me as a gift (i believe in H&M ?). I loved it but it was a bit too eye-catching for me (and i know it's no a massive floral headband, but i'm a discreet gal everything other than black is hard to pull off for me) i thought it might look good. And it does. My face brushes holder is also a vintage find, i have one in the same "collection" but much wider where i put my hair pins for pin curling purposes. It's in a gorgeous soft/pale pink that i adore and goes with everything else i have in this room. Plus, the floral pattern you see on the surface is actually a vintage sticking paper roll, how cuter can it gets?

I leave with a few more items, i might do another little sneak peek into my vintage collection because i have a lot more to share !


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